Tenyo - Ghost lamp

Tenyo - Ghost lamp

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A spectator from the audience selects one card from a deck, and returns it. After the cards are mixed, the magician divides the deck into four piles. Next, the magician wraps a light bulb inside of a handkerchief, and passes the handkerchief to a spectator. She waves the bulb over each pile, and the bulb mysteriously lights up when it approaches one of the piles. The top card of that pile is turned over, and sure enough, it is the selected card. The magician uses a pair of scissors to "cut" an invisible power cord, and the lit light bulb magically goes out.

"Enlighten" with the creativity of Scotty York.

  • The cards provided are poker size.
  • Very easy to do and has a strong impact on every audience.
  • In the explanations there are two different presentations for this effect.
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