Six Card Repeat - Bicycle

Six Card Repeat - Bicycle

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Ein Klassiker der Zauberkunst!

Sie zeigen sechst Karten, werfen drei Karten davon weg und plötzlich,... haben Sie wieder sechs Karten in der Hand! Das ganze wird wiederholt,... und wiederholt,... und wiederholt,.... es scheint vollkommen egal zu sein, wie oft Sie drei Karten weglegen, immer wieder haben Sie sechs in der Hand!

The magician clearly shows six cards and takes away three… but when he counts the cards again, there are still six. He takes another three cards away, but recounting them there are always six! This procedure is repeated many times, for the amusement of the audience, and each time the magician is always left with six cards.

Thanks to the gimmicks supplied this routine is completely automatic, and you will be able to take away the cards for a total of six time, always managing  to immediately count six again.

The poker size cards are original Bicycle cards.

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