Dind Dong Surprise

Dind Dong Surprise

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Drei Schwammbälle springen nach und nach von der Hand des Zauberers ind die Hand des Zusehers, dann auch noch der Hosentasche zurück in die Hand. Am Ende bekommt eine Zuseherin alle drei Bälle in die Hand und diese verwandeln sich,... in eine Sexy Überraschung.

Three sponge balls, one at a time, magically jump from the performer’s hand to the hand of a spectator, then they fly from his pocket to his hand in a wonderful succession of magical effects.

At the end the magician puts the three balls in a female spectator’s hand and asks her to think of something “different”, that is interesting for her. After a magical gesture, when she opens her hand the three sponge balls will have changed into a sexy surprise!
A fun effect intended for an adult audience! 
Included is also a classic sponge ball routine with the additional final gag.

You will receive four regular sponge balls that have a diameter of 5cm (2”) and the sponge sexy surprise.

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