Triangular Production Box

Triangular Production Box

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Mit dieser kleinen, praktischen Box können eine große Anzahl Tücher, Streamer,... etc. hervorzaubern!

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The magician opens up a triangular container and shows it to be completely empty. He closes it, makes a magical gesture, and immediately produces a number of colored silks from it. He then opens it again showing it empty, but again, a simple wave of the hand and more silks are magically produced!

  • Very easy to do, the box takes up little space and is practical to use.
  • The production items are not included but can be purchased seperately.
  • The box measures 9,8 (3,85") x 13,5 (5,31") x 7,2 (2,83"). Open it is long cm 39,5 (15,55").

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