Magical Wand

Magical Wand

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Sie nehmen einen Zauberstab aus der Tasche und plötzlich... verwandelt sich dieser in einen lustigen riesigen Zauberstab!

Anfangslänge ca. 33cm, danach etwa 90cm.

The magician shows a magic wand and asks a kid to hold it. As soon as the little assistant reaches out for the wand, it instantly changes into a GIANT magic wand that looks a bit like a wiggly snake!
This fun, magical and really surprising wand will make the kids go wild!
Very easy to do and ideal for any kid or comedy show.

The metal wand is 33cm (13”) long and has a diameter of (0,6”). The giant wand it changes into is covered with cloth and highly visible even at a certain distance. It is 90cm (35,4”) long and has a diameter of 4,5cm (1,8”).

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