Hofzinser Card

Hofzinser Card

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Ein Zuseher wählt eine Karte und Sie öffnen einen kleinen Umschlag mit einer Vorhersage. Darin befindet sich ebenfalls eine Karte, die Sie für einen Moment, mit der Rückseite zum Publikum, vor eine Lichtquelle. Es schimmert ein Kartenwert durch, allerdings der falsche! Doch sobald Sie die Karte umdrehen stellt sich herraus, dass sie den gleichen Wert wie die gewählte des Zusehers hat!

Here is a diabolical gaff card that will allow you to add a new lair of mystery to your card magic. The Hofsinzer cards are deceptive, visual, and really brilliant! After asking a spectator to choose a card, the magician shows a little envelope with a prediction inside it. He opens the envelope and pulls out a playing card that is held up with its back toward the audience and in front of backlight (being it a window, a candle, a small torch, or the light of your mobile phone). The audience will be able to see through the back of the card, that the prediction is clearly wrong. Upon turning the card however they will be left speechless, as the card will have changed into the selected one!

This is a beautiful and unusual effect that will be long remembered by whoever sees it.

The Gaff card supplied is poker size, and made from original Bicycle playing cards.

It' value can differ from the one shown in the photo and in the video.

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