Solved by Adam Wilber + Onlinevideo (Englisch)

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Sie zeigen einen kleinen Rubik-Cube, komplett verdreht. Sie werfen ihn in die andere Hand und plötzlich hat er sich von selbst gelöst und kann sofort untersucht werden!

Dies und viele andere Varianten werden ihnen im Onlinevideo zu den gelieferten Gimmicks erklärt.

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A mixed up cube instantly SOLVED!
Welcome to Solved by Adam Wilber. A highly visual cube restoration, perfect for close-up. 
Requiring minimal sleight of hand, Solved perfectly aligns it's handling so the only thing left scrambled is the spectators mind. 
Solved is both portable & practical and fits effortlessly in your pocket, unlike any other cube routines on the market. 
Designed specifically to be recognised as the iconic puzzle, but without the need to learn difficult algorithms. 
Featuring a precision gimmick, Solved is uniquely performable IN the spectators own hands. Putting magic into their palm, and letting them feel the moment of astonishment. 

  • Instantly examinable.
  • No memory work. 
  • No algorithms.
  • No hard sleights to learn. 
  • Performable in seconds.

Ellusionist quality.

The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.

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