Empty but Full Box + Onlinevideo

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Mit dieser Box können Sie auf sehr einfache Weise Tücher, Spongematerial,... etc. produzieren. Sie heben dafür beide Platten in die Höhe und zeigen die Box deutlich leer vor. Kaum sind die Platten wieder aufgesetzt kann die Produktion auch schon starten!

Ca. 30 cm x 21 cm x 9,4 cm.

The magician shows a box from all sides. He then removes its front and back panels showing it to be completely empty. He puts the panels back, makes a magical gesture, and produces from the box silks, spring flowers and more!

  • Ideal for stage or parlor shows.
  • The production items are not included.
  • The box measures cm 30 (11,8”) x 21 (8,2”) x 9.4 (3,7”).
  • Very easy to perform, does not take up much space and practical.
  • The instruction are supplied as a practical video download. They are not spoken and completely visual. This makes them very easy to follow regardless of the nationality of the buyer.

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