Oil and Water

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"Oil and Water" gehört zu den bekanntesten Kartenroutinen, von denen viele berühmte Zauberkünstler ihre eigene Version entwickelt haben. Hier eine sehr eindrucksvolle, die auch noch recht einfach zu lernen ist!

Sie zeigen drei rote und drei schwarze Karten. Diese werden abwechselnd rot/schwarz zusammengelegt. Doch plötzlich,... haben sich diese wieder getrennt und die drei roten und die drei schwarzen liegen wieder zusammen!

The card trick “Oil & Water” has always had a very strong impact on audiences. The classic version of this trick however requires a lot of practice. The version here presented, makes a subtle use of some special cards that make the performance much easier and cleaner.

Effect: The magician shows three red cards and three black cards to the audience. The cards are put down on the table one at a time and one on top of the other alternating the colors: red, black, red black… After squaring the cards, the magician waves his hand over them and turns them face up. Incredibly, just like water and oil separate, the red cards and the black cards will be seen to have separated into two piles of reds and blacks. 
This effect can be immediately repeated leaving everybody even more baffled.
The spectators will not be able to find any explanation because the magic will happen right in front of their eyes without any suspicious moves by the magician.

  • The necessary Bicycle cards are supplied inside an elegant card holder.
  • The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the very clear video.

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