Blowing blendo by Vincenzo Di Fatta

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Sie zeigen ein rotes und ein weißes Tuch. Beide werden in eine Röhre gestopft. Nun pusten Sie durch die Röhre und raus spring ein rot/weiß gestreiftes Tuch!

Die Röhre ist ansonst tatsächlich leer!

The magician shows a tube and puts two small silks of different colors inside. He then brings the tube to his mouth, and blows in it. A large zebra silk with the same colors of the small ones, will magically fly out. The silks will have amazingly blended together! At the end the tube is shown empty.

• All the necessary is made with care and provided in order to present this delightful effect.
• The metal tube is 14 cm (5,5") tall and has a diameter of 3 cm (1,2"). The small silks measure 20 cm (7,9") on each side, while the blendo  silk measures 45 cm (17,7").

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