Maxwell's Signature Opener by The Other Brothers + Onlinevideo (Englisch)

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Sie nehmen einen Bleistift aus der Tasche und plötzlich verwandelt sich dieser in einen Sharpie!

Diesen können Sie dann gleich verwenden um zum Beispiel eine Spielkarte unterzeichnen zu lassen.

Hook your spectators from the very start with the most visual and surprising way to start a magic trick! Turn a pencil into a Sharpie, instantly! 

From the creators of Bare, Hands Down and SNAPPED, Maxwell's Signature Opener adds a new and surprising way to begin a magic trick. From those just beginning their journey into magic to the most experienced magicians, Maxwell's Signature Opener is a great addition to routines for magicians of all ages and experience levels. With one quick motion, you will be able to turn a pencil into a Sharpie and immediately hand it out for use in any signed card/bill trick. 

  • Multiple methods taught, from simple switches to complex changes 
  • Handmade gimmick with ink refill included 
  • Ready to perform out of the box 
  • No pulls, no magnets, no strings, no clothing restrictions 
  • Add it to the routines you already perform!

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