Visible Jumbo Card Change

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In einem Rahmen sieht man das Bild eines Karo As. Sobald dieses Bild rausgezogen wird verwandelt es sich in eine Karo Dame.

Das ganze geschieht offen, ohne Abdeckung. Man kann sehen wie sich das Bild Schritt für Schritt verwandelt!

A card is selected (Queen of Diamonds), noted and returned to the deck. The magician then shows a giant size Ace of Diamonds inside a frame and claims that it is the selected card. The spectator tells him that it is not. Then the Ace of Diamonds is removed from the frame. Oh! Presto! The Ace visibly changes into the selected card!

  • The deck of cards is not included.
  • The transformation of the card is completely automatic.
  • Very easy to do and suitable for any kind of performance.
  • The large frame is made of cardboard and measures 26 x 20.5 cm (10,23" x 8,07"). 

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