Sugar Short by Steve Dick

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Mit diesem Zuckerstreuer können Sie Zucker mühelos verschwinden lassen!

Leer Sie zucker in eine Papiertüte, einen Kübel, oder sogar auch in den Schuh eines Zusehers!... alle sehen deutlich, dass der Zucker im Streuer weniger geworden ist... und trotzdem ist die Tüte, der Kübel, der Schuh, oder was auch immer Sekunden später leer!

Einfach in der Handhabung!

Sehr schöne Ausführung aus Glas, ca. 13cm hoch, Durchmesser ca. 6cm.

A classic comedy and utility prop which has stood the test of time... now available again and better than ever!

Perfect for practically any type of performance... stage, parlor, M.C., kid show, clown, comedian, strolling, bar and restaurant.

Made from a genuine, 12-ounce restaurant sugar dispenser. 5 ½ inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. Heavy-duty scalloped glass with a gleaming stainless steel top and hinged pour spout.

The performer displays the full dispenser, then seemingly pours nearly 2/3 of the sugar into a paper bag. The audience can clearly see that the quantity of sugar in the dispenser has diminished. A few magic words are spoken and when the bag is tilted, out pour real, solid sugar cubes... the granulated sugar has vanished!

This is only one of many, many possible uses for this great little gem, originally conceived by the late, great Sid Lorraine. Apparently pour the sugar into a paper cone, hat, bag, purse, a child's ear, etc. The sugar vanishes without a trace!

Or use Sugar Short with other popular props... dove pan, change bag, cake in hat, milk pitcher... the performance options are practically limitless.

This improved version is made to last with a one-piece, molded gimmick that will not split or crack... something which was a constant problem with earlier models.

May be performed completely surrounded. Nothing added or taken away. Brand new and in mint condition. Complete with detailed, printed instructions.

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