Die magische Keksschachtel

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Sie zeigen eine Keksschachtel, die sich vorne und hinten öffnen lässt. Die Zuseher können somit komplett durchsehen! Nun schließen Sie diese wieder und schon können sie beginnen, Kekse, Tücher, oder was auch immer daraus zu produzieren!

The magician shows a box of cookies on each side. Opens the upper flap and front and back sides. The spectators can clearly see through the box that is clearly empty. After a moment the magician closes the two sides and produces from the box biscuits, scarves, card decks, etc.! A classic revisited in a "delicious" way!

  • Production material is not included.
  • Perfect for performances with children, but loved by everyone!
  • Everything needed to create the gimmick is provided and its simple preparation takes a few minutes.
  • The instruction are supplied as a practical video download. They are not spoken and completely visual and clear and easy to follow.

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Magic Cookie
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