Steeplechase Park Playing Cards

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Designed by Jared Hansen, the Steeplechase Park deck is a tribute to Coney Island’s original and longest-running amusement park.
The back design is wildly colorful and vibrant – a perfect deck for summer. The faces have been completely recolored, and you received matching custom Jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, and 2 useful gaff cards. The custom tuck box is closed with a custom sticker seal. Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock with premium “Magic” finish, the deck feels and handles wonderfully while the traditional cut makes shuffling a breeze. Only 2,500 decks printed!

  • Designed by Jared Hansen.
  • Limited Print Run of 2,500.
  • Colorful, Vibrant Back Design.
  • Custom Colored Faces & Court Cards.
  • Fully Custom Ace of Spades & Matching Jokers.
  • Bright Custom Tuck Box & Custom Sticker Seal.
  • Printed by USPCC.
  • High-Grade Bicycle Stock & Premium “Magic” Finish.
  • Traditionally Cut.
  • 2 Gaff Cards Included.

The cards are poker size.

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