Niagara Prediction

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Der Zuseher wählt eine Karte aus einem roten Spiel. Nun nehmen Sie ein blaues Spiel und sprudeln die Karten runter. Dabei hat sich scheinbar eine Karte umgedreht - eine Rückseite ist sichtbar. Sie drehen die Karten um und sprudeln diese erneut... es ist die gewählte des Zusehers!

Rückseitenfarben können varrieren.

EFFECT 1 - The magician has a card selected, which is returned to the deck and the latter is put in his pocket. Looking at the spectator he asks him to think intensely of his card. He takes the deck out of his pocket and begins to spring them from one hand to the other, apparently showing great skill.
After a moment, he drop the cards... and to everyone’s amusement, they will remain attached to each other. However among them only one will be face down. The spectator names his card, the magician turns the “frozen” spread and shows that the face down card is exactly the one the spectator chose!

EFFECT 2 - The magician holds a deck of cards with which he occasionally performs some suggestive “springs” from hand to hand. Meanwhile he asks the spectator some questions. The various answers will lead to the elimination of imaginary cards, until only one is left. At this point the magician lets go of the cards just as he is springing them from one hand to the other. They “freeze” between his hands and one card is seen to be face down… it is the one just chosen by the spectator!

• Easy to perform.
• The deck consists of 38 special cards. Use your own regular deck.
• The special deck supplied, poker size, is made with real Bicycle cards.

Note: the color of the box (and the cards) or the value of the card could vary from the ones shown in the photo and in the video.

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