Blow out!

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Sie zeigen dem Zuseher vier Kärtchen auf denen jeweils ein brennendes Streichholz abgebildet ist. Alle vier legen Sie ab. Nun zünden Sie ein Streichholz an und pusten es wieder aus. Plötzlich sind auch die Streichholzbilder ausgepustet!

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The magician talks about how magic can influence reality and shows a spectator 4 cards. Each of the cards has a beautiful picture of a lit match on it. The cards are shown one by one, and placed faced down on the spectators palm. Now the magicians lights a real match, and after letting the flame glow for a few seconds, he blows it out. He explains that this simple action has influenced by magic the cards. The cards that the spectator was holding are turned around, and incredibly on each of them, there is now the picture of a match that has just been blown out!!!

More than a trick, this is a beautiful and impossible experience that your spectators will never forget!

  • Printed by the USPCC on Bicycle poker size cards.
  • The spectator clearly sees just four cards that are shown front and back.

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