Self-Working Handkerchief Magic - Buch (Englisch)

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For magicians wishing to start a Magic act with a dramatic visual effect, there is no better choice than a handkerchief trick. In fact, such airy bits of baffling Illusion are among the most graceful and sophisticated tricks in the magician's repertoire.

This book is a treasury of handkerchief tricks that ar easy to perform. Karl Fulves, one of the today's foremost authorities on "self-working" tricks, has collected 61 of the finest self-working handkerchief tricks and presented them in this easy-to-follow, well-illustrated guidebook.

After a Brief introduction chapter describing necessary materials and helpful hints on handling the "tools of the trade," the author proceeds to the tricks themselves. Over 500 clear illustrations and step-by-step directions Show you exactly how to execute such "sleights of silk" as making handkerchiefs appear (and disappear), creating animated figures and performing a variety of combined Card an handkerchief tricks.

Newcomers to this mystical art will quickly learn techniques fot These astonishing illusions:

- Threading the Needle
- Houdini's Coat
- Freefall
- Paper-Bag Vanish
- Switch Over
- Decapitated Knot
- He Found It!
- Crazy Compass
- Silk from Silk
- Pop Up
- The Mouse
- Spooky Spoon
- Produce a Wand
- Zombie Card Rise
...and 47 more!

No previouse experience is necessary and most tricks require only a simple handkerchief. A few use uncomplicated apparatus constucted from cardboard or paper. Almost all can be mastered in a short time. With this book and a Little practice you'll soon be dazzling friends and relatives with an impressive array of handkerchief hocus-pocus.

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