Self-Working Mental Magic - Buch (Englisch)

Self-Working Mental Magic - Buch (Englisch)

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Karl Fulves, one of the most renowned modern writers in the field of Magic, presents here 67 new an foolproof tricks - spectacular mental feats that seem impossible, but are easy to perform.

None of the tricks requires Long practice, supernormal dexterity, or complicated apparatus. Mr. Fulves' precise, easy-to-follow instructions and many helpful diagrams lead to quick mastery and effective Performance of each.

Performing mystifying mental Magic in such categories:

- Instant ESP
- Mind Reading with Cards
- Mind over Matter
- Book Tests
- Psychic Secrets
- Slade Sorcery
- Miracles with Cards
- Psychometry

Many of These tricks can be done with no Prior preparation, and all involves easy-to-find materials: a deck of Cards, coins, matches, dice, keys, chalk, etc. But while the material used are ordinary, the effects achieved are truly extraordinary.

Magicians who wish to add mental acts to their routines, party entertainers or anyone wishing to give an amazing performance of mental Magic will find this book perfect for their needs.

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