The Ghost - Loops

The Ghost - Loops

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Bringen Sie kleine Gegenstände dazu sich zu bewegen, lassen Sie gewählte Karten aus einem Spiel springen, bringen Sie Geldscheine zum Schweben,... mit "The Ghost" sind Sie für viele magische Effekte vorbereitet!

Sie erhalten 5 "The Ghost" - Loops.

With "The Ghost" in your hands you will not have just a simple magic effect but a miracle to be used however you like. Imagine being able to make small objects like paper balls or currency notes float in mid air, or to be able to move things like knives, forks or sun glasses just with the power of your mind. Imagine no longer the Ghost is here!

  • Easy to do, you can immediately perform it to the audience.
  • Does not require special preparations, you can repeat the effect immediately.
  • The objects shown in the video are not provided (they are normal objects), what you get is the gimmick with the instructions on its use.

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