Reel mit Stop (Ringzieher)

Reel mit Stop (Ringzieher)

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Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem Reel? Wir haben eines für Sie mit sehr guten Preis/Leistungverhältnis!

Viele Effekte lassen sich damit umsetzen. Zum Beispiel "Tuch durch Ring", "Tuch durch Mikroständer", oder auch der selbstauflösende Knoten.

Fadenlänge ca. 90cm.

This reel is perefect for any routine that needs a similar tool.
The effects that are possible with this reel are many and there are entire books dedicated to them. Keep in mind that the use of this item will need some practice and you will have to consider things like angles, lighting, background, and distance so that the thread will not be visible to your audience.In the instructions we have described three classic effects that use a reel:

  • Silk thru microphone stand.
  • Silk thru ring.
  • Self un-tying knot.

The plastic housing of the reel has a diameter of 5 cm (1,96") and the strong black thread is cm 93 (36,6") long.

The "stop" once pressed, can rewind the entire thread, or, pressing it again, it can stop at different lengths of the thread.

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