Page Thumb Tips Patrick Page #1 - DVD (Englisch)

Page Thumb Tips Patrick Page #1 - DVD (Englisch)

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Thumb-Tips gehören zu den besten Hilfmittel in der Zauberei. Auf diese DVD von Patrick Page lernen Sie den richtigen Umgang und viele Routinen damit!

Hinwei: In der Trickbox haben Sie die möglichkeit unterschiedlichsten Größen anzuprobieren!

On this DVD, Patrick Page shows why the thumb tip remains one of the magician's most powerful secret weapons. You'll learn how to properly use a thumb tip, including how to get it into and out of play. In addition, Patrick Page demonstrates and explains more than a dozen strong effects made possible by this wonderful utility device. This is miracle-class magic with coins, cigarettes, silks, napkins and more, utilizing a gimmick that all magicians own but very few learn to use properly. Of course, not many have had Patrick Page as an instructor.


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