Re-Volution by Jimmy Strange

Re-Volution by Jimmy Strange

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Eine Mutter, die sich wie von selbst von einer Schraube dreht, gehört mittlerweile zu den klassischen Effekten. Hier haben wir für Sie eine Version, die viele Vorteile hat!

  • Sie können die Schraube sowohl nach oben, oder auch nach unten wandern lassen
  • Sie können die Schraube sogar mit einer Pinzette dabei halten
  • Schraube und Mutter sind davor und danach 100%ig untersuchbar

Keine Fäden oder Magnete!

PK effects are powerful demonstrations of magic. And there's no better demonstration of using this power than with the self-winding nut and bolt. 

But Re-Volution takes this to a whole new level. The magician can choose to not even touch the nut and bolt -- he simply takes his pair of tweezers and picks it up to show it's completely hands free. 

With the bolt either pinched between the tweezers or the magician's thumb and finger (either method is unbelievable to watch!), the magician focuses his mind on the nut as it begins to wind itself up or down the bolt. 

"This is awesome, practical magic at its best.
- Titanas 

Re-Volution comes with the gimmick, and a nut and bolt to get you started right away. It's easy to perform and instantly resets. 

Batteries are replaceable, so you can use Re-Volution over and over again. 

Full tutorial is also included, teaching you the main effect and other handlings and tips.

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