Super Strong Super Simple by Ryan Schlutz - DVD (Englisch)

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Ryan Schlutz zeigt und erklärt ihnen einfache, aber trotzem super starke Kartenroutinen. 

Lernen Sie zum Beispiel...

  • "The Absent Player" by Dani DaOrtiz, 
  • "Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson, 
  • "Emotional Reaction" by Dai Vernon,
  • "4 Sided Gemini" by John Bannon, 
  • "Bath Towel Mentalism" by So Sato, 

und andere Kartenwunder von Tom Dobrowolski, Ed Oschman, Jim Krenz, Liam Montier, und Ryan! 

This DVD is, perhaps, the best collection of easy-to-do, powerful card magic ever assembled. Expert card magician Ryan Schlutz has mined over 300 years of card material and collected the very best tricks into one place. All of the tricks have just two things in common: they are HIGHLY deceptive and are simple to do. 

Ryan obtained permission from all relevant parties, so Super Strong Super Simple is a sanctioned, ethical collection of the world's finest self-working card tricks. Each trick is performed for an enthusiastic group of spectators and taught in careful detail by Ryan Schlutz. No advanced knowledge or skill is required. 

You'll learn: 

"The Absent Player" by Dani DaOrtiz 
"Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson 
"Emotional Reaction" by Dai Vernon 
"4 Sided Gemini" by John Bannon 
"Bath Towel Mentalism" by So Sato 

And more miracles by Tom Dobrowolski, Ed Oschman, Jim Krenz, Liam Montier, and Ryan himself! 

You'll love performing the effects taught on this DVD. More importantly, you'll astound your audience!

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