Cause and Effect - Card Magic for The Millenium by Paul Gordon - Buch (Englisch)

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In 1968 Paul Gordon caught the magical bug! Nine years later, in 1977, he fell in love with pure sleight of hand card magic. Paul is proud to say that Harry Lorayne, now his good friend, was responsible for this. Harry's The Magic Book fuelled Paul's desire to read and devour every book on card magic he could get his hands on. Marlo, Jennings, Ortiz, Erdnase, Hugard, and Braue... the list is endless.

Not until the early 1900's did Paul release some of his own effects and ideas. The Card Magic of Paul Gordon proved a great commercial and critical success. Spurred on by this, Paul then started writing Nocturnal Creations. The year - 1994. Nocturnal Creations was to have been a much larger book, but Paul decided not to be too ambitious. Nocturnal Creations (160 pages, 47 effects) became the first in a three part set that continued with Proteam Card Magic (145 pages, 42 effects) in 1997 and culminates with this, the biggest volume, Cause and Effect. (223 pages, 66 effects).

Cause and Effect contains 66 Blockbuster Card effects and ideas. This really is Paul's finest work; his best writing - the best production - the best illustraions - and most importently, the best Magic. As with all of Pauls's Magic, all you require (except for a couple of the effects) is one regular deck of Cards and average skill. This is Card Magic you can and will use!

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