Mesmerizing Magic Show 200 - Plus DVD (Englisch)

Mesmerizing Magic Show 200 - Plus DVD (Englisch)

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Großer Zauberkasten in dem mehr als 200 Tricks beschrieben werden.

The Deluxe Mesmerizing Magic Set includes some of the world's greatest, professional-quality magic tricks that can be performed by magicians of all ages!

Make a completely solid spoon bend on its own before your very eyes, make your favorite object appear with the Magic Production Table, and vanish anything you want with the mysterious Secret Gimmick! The set also includes everything you need to perform some of magic's most beloved classic tricks, such as the Cups and Balls, Multiplying Bubbles, and many more! The set includes a fully illustrated manual and a demonstration DVD to further help perfect these routines.

All Fantasma Magic kits are endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the largest magic organization in the world.

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